Innovation at the core of everything

For us at United Safety, Innovation is the process of creating a product or service that adds value to the customer. We believe it is one of the key elements of our ability to not only improve our current systems and processes, but continually create solutions for the challenges that keep our customers up at night.

Behind the Scenes – our Innovation process

The process starts with a customer that has an unmet need or unsolved issue creating safety challenges in his operations. Our experience, cutting edge technology, processes and in house R&D capabilities allow us to uncover this need and develop a quick solution for it. This solution might be rough on the edges, but it gets the problem solved.

If the product fits with the strategy of the company and the need is identified in other customers, the Marketing and Innovation departments work together to create a product that is applicable industry-wide.

Let’s take the Air Qruise™ Trooper as an example to walk you through this process.

United Safety Innovation Hub

Track Record of Success

No matter where you are in the world, if you have a safety challenge, we can help you with it. Despite the fact that our Innovation department is based in Canada, we have had ideas that became products launched in the
US (King Air™), Italy (VulQan™), UAE (Air Qruise™), Saudi Arabia (Quazar™) and more.

United Safety