TeQ Shield™ Computer Vision

Computer vision is a field of AI that enables computers and systems to ‘see’, observe and derive meaningful information from digital images and videos. It enables computers to take actions or make recommendations based on the information received.

Safety applications of computer vision

Computer vision has been increasingly gaining traction in several applications. It can now be rented in a convenient option to improve workplace safety. Key safety applications include:

  • Monitoring PPE compliance: Computer vision models for PPE detection allow companies to instantly detect when personnel are not wearing required PPE including safety vests, hardhats, gloves, goggles, face shields, masks, harnesses, and more. Improperly worn PPE can also be flagged to ensure that personnel not only have their PPE on but that it is also worn correctly.
  • Monitoring smoke and helps to prevent fires: Computer vision models and thermal cameras can help prevent onsite fires by detecting smoke, overheating, and leaks. This allows oil and gas companies to extinguish fires while they are still small before they get out of control.
  • Improves accident investigations: Recorded visual information helps firms achieve more accurate and timely accident investigations and reports. The information also helps firms keep a detailed record of what happened, defend against inaccurate citations, and minimize operational downtime following an incident.
  • Fall detection: Computer vision can recognize a fall and instantly alert managers and rescue personnel to help the worker.

Where can it be used?

Computer vision can be used to enhance worker safety and productivity in a wide range of industries including Oil and Gas, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and industrial automation.

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