Your workers are onsite but are they in the work area or in the rest area? There’s a bottle neck onsite – what’s causing it? These are just some of the insights you can uncover with our real-time personnel tracking services.

From badge-in to badge-out, you can now track all your workers in real-time and pinpoint their exact location through real-time personnel tracking.

This gives you more awareness about where your workers are. It also gives you insights into where the workers are spending time (productive areas Vs non-productive areas), what is causing bottle necks, where delays are caused and what is potentially causing these delays etc. By understanding patterns and uncovering insights, steps can be taken to improve productivity while ensuring safety of the workers. Flexible rental solution makes it ideal for both short and long-term projects.

RTLS personnel tracking

Where can it be used?

Personnel tracking is ideal for any worksite that has many onsite workers to keep track of.

It is ideal for use in industries like Oil and Gas, construction, tunnelling, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing to name a few.

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