From customized live and interactive coaching sessions to hands-on intensive safety training, United Safety provides a range of highly effective safety coaching and training courses to take your personnel to the next level.

Our most popular Safety Coaching and Training Services

Industrial Safety Training Services

Safety Training Services

From H2S awareness to safe confined space entry, United Safety provides a range of safety training modules to ensure that best practices are followed during the most high-risk tasks onsite.

Industrial Industrial Safety Coaching Services

Safety Coaching Services

A unique and revolutionary method of live, interactive, behavior-based coaching that ensures your team reaches their maximum potential.

Training and Onboarding Needs Assessment

Contractor Training and Onboarding

United Safety lets your people concentrate on their core focus turnaround activities while we deliver high quality, enthusiastic training from people who do it for a living.

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Emergency Response

Planning and preparedness is key to managing emergencies onsite. There is a detailed emergency response plan in the event of something going wrong, but an experienced team is in place to ensure that it does not become necessary.

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