Smart Tag

The Scout is a ruggedized, small, wearable device with a touch display. It provides location tracking, workers’ safety features such as SOS, proximity detection, and AV media collection features. The Scout is ideal for location-tracking, proximity-detection, audio-visual communication, and core worker safety features.

Key features and benefits of the Scout

Scout – Smart Tag
  • Touch-screen user interface for easy visual input/output
  • Tracking the real-time geo-location of the worker
  • Detection and audio-visual notification of various pre-configured safety conditions including:
    • Evacuation & mustering
    • Geofence / restricted-area breaches
    • Fall/high-acceleration
    • Man down (unresponsive person)
    • Worker initiated distress signal (“SOS”)
  • Feedback when in proximity to other tags that also send proximity information. This helps prevent onsite collisions.
  • Audible alerts to self and other devices in proximity for fall detection, geofence violation or evacuation (initiated by the remote SCC operator)
  • Easy and flexible rental solution

Where can it be used?

Versatile range of industries and usage applications. Ideal for industrial, downstream, upstream, manufacturing, construction, tunnelling, mining, logistics or any industry with a large onsite workforce.

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