Industry’s first Vehicle Gas Protection System™ (VGPS)

The Air Qruise™ is a patented system of compressed air supply and distribution that is installed in client vehicles or in vehicles supplied to clients by United Safety. When toxic gas is present, the VGPS quickly alerts both the occupants of the vehicle and others in the vicinity through onboard and external alarms. The driver and passengers have immediate access to breathing air by donning air masks from rapid deployment bags integrated into the vehicle. Supply Air is provided to the masks through hidden air lines connected to a high capacity storage system secured in the rear of the vehicle.

The Air Qruise™ Trooper gives our clients and their personnel peace-of-mind that every aspect of their safe evacuation is in place – from entrance and transit through high risk areas, to safe exit from a toxic release site.

Air Qruise™ Trooper. Detects gas fast, evacuates faster.

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Key Benefits of the Air Qruise™ Trooper:

  • Maintained and serviced by onsite technical personnel or through local Air Qruise™ Trooper Service Centers.
  • Rapid deployment air mask configuration where sudden toxic gas exposure may occur.
  • Optional air line configuration when personnel are boarding the vehicle under mask while in transit from a toxic gas area.
  • All systems exceed NIOSH air flow specifications.
  • Highly visible touch screen interface provides instant reporting of vital information.
  • Fully integrated toxic gas detection alarm and recording system.
  • External Audio and Visual alarm can notify other nearby personnel and convoy vehicles.

Where can it be used?

Upstream and downstream sites where fast evacuation from toxic gas release is needed.

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