With Oil and Gas activities progressing into increasingly challenging environments, there is a growing need for protecting personnel from toxic gases while on the move. United Safety has pioneered a solution that does just that. Introducing the Air Qruise™ Trooper, the industry’s first Vehicle Gas Protection System™ (VGPS).

Features and Benefits

  • Maintained and serviced by onsite technical personnel or through local Air Qruise™ Trooper Service Centers.
  • Automatic engine shut off when gas is detected.
  • Rapid deployment air mask configuration where sudden toxic gas exposure may occur.
  • Optional air line configuration when personnel are boarding the vehicle under mask while in transit from a toxic gas area.
  • All systems exceed NIOSH air flow specifications.
  • Highly visible touch screen interface provides instant reporting of vital information.
  • Fully integrated toxic gas detection alarm and recording system.
  • Cost-effective rental solution.
  • External Audio and Visual alarm can notify other nearby personnel and convoy vehicles.
  • Easy Installation: Fully customized with minimal or no modifications required to the vehicle.