Since 1987, United Safety has offered customer-focused safety solutions to an ever-expanding energy marketplace. We are leaders in the industry, constantly growing and adapting our business and its offerings to best suit our clients and the market. We do this by focusing on innovation in our equipment, technology, processes and procedures, and by developing the most comprehensively trained and supported workforce in the industry.

Experience the advantage of a company focused on your growth.

Experience the advantage of a company focused on your growth.

At United Safety we are passionate about our work. We are dedicated to our clients and their projects and want to work with others who share the same sense of passion. Before any of our personnel are assigned to projects in the field they receive extensive training. United Safety provides 5 days of world class industry-recognized training which combines theoretical and practical experience. On the actual job site you’ll be fully supported and encouraged to perform at your best by our on-site leadership whose job it is to mentor you. For those showing the desire to improve their skill sets, there are additional opportunities to develop supervisory and management skills.

Training and Professional Development

As the leading provider of specialized safety services to industry, United Safety’s personnel, technology, and innovation play a critical role in public protection and in the health and safety of the world’s industrial workforce. Proper training for United employees is critical and could mean the difference between life and death in some situations. Extensive training is provided to all United employees before they are assigned to projects in the field.

Benefits Plan

United Safety offers a comprehensive benefit plan for all full-time employees.

Overseas Opportunities

United Safety’s industry reach is global and so are your career opportunities. If you express a desire and have the right qualifications, there is the potential for an international assignment that could be right for you. United is currently providing safety technology and services in 21 countries and the list is growing. A career with United could take you around the corner – or around the world.

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