Fire Shield™ Fixed Fire Suppression System

The Fire Shield™ Fixed Fire Suppression System is a fire extinguishing system connected to piping and powerful suppression agents like Novec 1230, FM-200, Carbon Dioxide, inert gases and other clean agents that can put down a fire in a room within 5-6 seconds.

These systems are normally used in refineries and recommended for use in heavy industry.

Fixed Fire Suppression System - Fire Protection Service

Key components and service of fire suppression system include:

  • Annual and Semi-Annual system testing
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguisher systems
  • Clean Agent extinguisher systems
  • 6 yr. internal inspections on cylinders
  • 12 yr. Hydrostatic Testing on cylinders
  • System installation, modifications, and repairs
  • Full-scale system assessment to ensure adequate protection
  • Design/Engineer new systems and add-ons

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