Contractor training and onboarding can be an all-consuming event requiring a major time commitment from your core staff right as a project is starting. Well executed trainings and onboarding sets expectations for the turnaround and avoids schedule delays due to bottlenecks in the induction process. United Safety lets your people concentrate on their core focus turnaround activities while we deliver high quality, enthusiastic training from people who do it for a living.

Delivery Infrastructure

To deliver training and onboarding to projects both large and small, United Safety utilizes its full-time training and development department; specialized trainers and facilities. We can organize and train the workforce. While we can bring the training to your site, we can also offer offsite training for minimal site disruptions.

Single point communication

Our customers have a single point of communication for the planning, execution and reporting of training, resulting in a clear understanding of who is fit for duty at any time. We work with contractors one-on-one to ensure requirements are identified and delivered, reducing redundant or unnecessary training as requirements and delivery are centralized. Our customers, and the contractors they have hired, have only one phone call to make to obtain information or change requirements.


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Safety Training Services

United Safety provides a range of safety training modules to ensure that best practices are followed during the most crucial and high-risk moments at work.

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