From small facilities to some of the largest on Earth, United Safety has provided industrial safety services and rental equipment for over 1000 turnarounds and shutdowns. We have also ensured the safety of thousands of plant workers as they carry on their daily duties in various facilities across the globe. Our vast experience has enabled us to develop proprietary products and processes that embrace digitalization. The result? Highest safety standards matched by highest levels of productivity. Welcome to Digital Turnarounds in Digital Downstream.

Safety, productivity, cost efficiency for downstream.

Downstream Safety Soultions

Challenge: How do you plan and prepare before the Turnaround to ensure maximum efficiency during the outage?

Solution: A Needs Assessment conducted prior to the turnaround will ensure a clear understanding of the job scope and client expectations of a project. Proper training and onboarding of contractors on the site will ensure smooth permitting and reduce delays and bottlenecks when the turnaround begins.

Challenge: With the increasing size and remoteness of facilities, how do you protect personnel in toxic environments without compromising on mobility?

Solution: Our Air Qruise™ Range consolidates gas detection and monitoring with breathing air capabilities on the move.

Challenge: How do you get people to safety in an emergency situation like a gas leak?

Solution: We have Emergency Rescue Plans and personnel in place to ensure all onsite personnel stay safe

Challenge: How can you maximize productivity and enhance project control and visibility in all phases of your plant turnaround?

Solution: United Safety has an integrated suite of safety services that combines gas detection, video cameras, two-way communication, access control, permitting, quality control and assurance and monitoring of core body vitals to improve safety while reducing costs.

Productivity has increased by up to 5% on sites that have used TeQ Shield™.

Challenge: How do you monitor, detect and protect your onsite staff, surrounding communities and the environment from H2S in the most effective possible manner?

Solution: From community protection and awareness to sensor configuration, communication or advance warning with solutions like Quazar and Typhoon, we have demonstrated our ability to design and implement a solution that is both flexible and comprehensive.

Challenge: How can you maximize efficiencies during a turnaround or shutdown to reduce costs and increase productivity while maintaining highest standards of safety?

Solution: This can be attained by managing numerous factors from ensuring workforce readiness to asset availability, real time monitoring to data capture and analytics, HSE management to workforce site protection. United Safety’s QA/QC process, called QCycle™ can greatly reduce the amount of equipment required.

Challenge: Who will be in charge of safety on a worksite?

Solution: Every project will be led by a field-experienced person that is a Subject Matter Expert of the technologies deployed.

Challenge: How do you capture lessons learned and best practices to ensure an even better process next time around?

Solution: All lessons learned are captured in a Stewardship Report which is a report card and summary of the key learnings from the project. This gives all stakeholders a clear idea of what was done well and what could be improved for the next project.

Challenge: How do you effectively and efficiently deliver safe breathing air to a workforce?

Solution: A custom-fit approach that brings together innovative breathing air technologies like Air Qube™, Air II Flow, HPAS that are scalable, flexible and tailored to your exact requirements.

Challenge: How do you ensure maximum safety and efficiency in facilities during regular operations?

Solution: There are a host of solutions including In-plant Equipment Center, Tracker, QCycle™ onsite tool maintenance and distribution, GAMS and digital gas detection that can be deployed at fixed installations during regular operations.

Past Projects

With over 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record of:

  • Developing industry-leading cost reduction initiatives like QCycle™
  • Providing cutting-edge digital networked solutions under our umbrella system – TeQ Shield™
  • Supplying industry leading innovative equipment like Air Qube™, King Air™
  • Reducing lost contractor ‘tool time’ with SiteCourier™
  • Eliminating ‘out-of-period’ costs
  • Providing best-in-class rental safety solutions

Read on to find out about our recent project experiences in the following Industries:

Downstream Refineries & Petrochemical

Refineries & Petrochemical

  • Complete refinery plant outage, sole sourced, 60 days, USA
  • Major IOC, complete plant-wide outage, sole sourced, 65 days, Canada
  • Major Petrochem Company, Major Unit Outage, 30 days, Canada
  • Brownfield outage, 65 days, site-wide outage, Saudi Arabia
  • IOC facility Emergency response/confined space management refinery, ongoing, West Africa
Downstream Power Generation

Power Generation

  • Major boiler overhauls, gas detection, confined space management, 60 days, Canada Capital Construction Projects
  • Brownfield area, remote gas monitoring, 300 days, Saudi Arabia
  • Site HSE advisors for major construction project, ongoing, Alberta, Canada

Downstream Gas Processing

Gas Processing

  • Production Platform Emergency Response, Confined Space Entry management, ongoing, West Africa,
  • IOC production facility outage, 40 days, Iraq
  • Major sour gas processing facility, site outage, 21 days, Canada

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Let the numbers do the talking


Up to 5% increase in worker productivity attributed to our TeQ Shield™ system.


Reduce labour costs by 25% and improve efficiency with TeQ Shield™ Hub, our onsite tool distribution facility.


Faster. Safer. TeQ Shield™ Guardian cuts safety costs by up to 35% at Turnarounds.

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