Innovative, versatile, capable and compact , the Air Qube™ is the latest breathing air solution.

Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system that is big on capacity but small in footprint. It provides you with a flexible foundation for your breathing air delivery needs. More than one Air Qube™ can be connected, increasing storage and versatility and they can be stacked making it ideal in situations where space is premium. The units can be refilled in place and easily transported. Air Qube™ is an innovation that solves transportation and supply interruption problems common to supplied air systems.

High Pressure Air Storage System

How much breathing air can an Air Qube™ produce?

There are two sizes available depending on your air volume requirements. Air Qube™ has a capacity of 68,000 cu-ft of compressed breathing air, weighs less than 14,000lbs and measures 10’x8’x10’H. Air Qube™ Mini comes with 34,000 cu-ft of compressed breathing air, weighs 6,945lbs and measures 8’ x 6‘ x 8’H.

High pressure air storage system Air Qube™

Key benefits of the Air Qube™

  • Small footprint, big capacity
  • Multiple Air Qube’s can be stacked and connected increasing storage and maximizing footprint
  • Comes in two volume options

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Key features of the high pressure breathing air storage system

  • Stores 68,000 cubic feet of grade D breathing air at 3600 psi.
  • Small footprint (10’Lx8’Wx10’H) and stackable when removed from the custom trailer.
  • Unit is transported using a gooseneck trailer, making unit replacement and/or relocation easier and safer.
  • Variable operating range depending on line design.
  • Can be connected in a system or cascaded into dual storage improving air usage from each unit.
  • Fill-on-the-fly™ technology allows the unit to be refilled while in use, providing an endless air supply.
  • Pressure gauges and step down regulator control panel facilitate operation of cascade sections and refills, as well as display a visual low-pressure alarm.
  • Valves permit user to operate on individual tanks, sections or with the entire air supply.
  • Custom trailer includes a drop down platform for the bottle watch.
  • Weighs less than 14,000 lbs at full capacity.
  • Carbon fiber cylinders enable smaller design while providing 20% more air than a typical mini tube trailer in the US.

Where can the Air Qube™ be used?

Upstream and downstream environments for projects that require a large amount of breathing air.

To learn about our latest high pressure breathing air storage system, download the Technical Specification below.

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