Central point of service distribution

TeQ Shield™ Hub is a family of digital services that constitute the core or the central aspect of a service. Two main services provided under this cluster include:

Automated In-Plant Equipment Center

TeQ Shield™ AIPEC

This is a central site of onsite tool distribution

TeQ Shield™ IIoT

TeQ Shield™ IIoT

TeQ Shield™ IIoT is a central general-purpose IIoT platform that supports multiple devices, offers first-class support for Real time Location Systems (RTLS) and GIS services and provides Secure Data Asset Management (DAM) for streaming and recorded media.

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Mobile QA/QC – QCycle™

United Safety’s QA/QC process, called QCycle™ can greatly reduce the amount of equipment required as it is cycled much more efficiently and used multiple times per shift.

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