TeQ Shield™ AIPEC (Automated In-Plant Equipment Center) is the central point of onsite distribution in any facility or refinery. When a worker needs a safety tool or breathing air, he simply uses his badge to rent the safety tools he needs and returns them when he’s done. This results in an automated, cost effective, efficient and reliable tool tracking and inventory management system.

Key benefits of TeQ Shield™ AIPEC include:

  • Supply of rental equipment needed by client and contractors
  • Accurate billing and usage reporting
  • Utilization of rental equipment as well as breathing air solutions with the refill station
  • Electronic distribution of safety tools and equipment
  • Cost effective and efficient tracking and management of safety tools and equipment inventory

Where can it be used?

The TeQ Shield™ AIPEC is ideally suited for the downstream environment.

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TeQ Shield™ IIoT

TeQ Shield™ IIoT is the platform that supports the Communicator and Scout devices as well as other compatible third-party devices.

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