Equipped with a locomotive train horn, it doesn’t get louder than the Typhoon™. And now, it comes mounted on a trailer so you can move it to whichever worksite you need.

No matter how noisy your worksite gets, you can be certain that when you sound the alarm on the Typhoon™ Trailer, your workers will hear it. Guaranteed.

Key features of the Typhoon™ Trailer include:

  • 18 feet high telescopic mast
  • Locomotive train horn attached to top of Mast
  • Mast Rotates 360 degrees to point horns to work area
  • 4 strobe lights in 4 different colors – red, blue, amber & white
  • All military grade connections
  • 12 VDC current system
  • Solar capable solution for remote locations
  • All ½” quick connections for more air volume delivery
  • 4 X 500 cubic foot cylinders for longer alarm times

Key benefits of the Typhoon™ Trailer include:

  • Quick and easy rig up; the Typhoon™ Trailer can be set up in just 30 minutes with minimum tools
  • Minimal footprint on location
  • Solar rechargeable
  • Impossible to miss the alert

Where can it be used?

In locations where communities are in proximity to drill sites and need to be warned in the event of a toxic gas release.

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