Company Policy

The executive leadership group, management, and employees at United Safety are fully committed and accountable to protecting and promoting the health, safety, and responsible care of all personnel, customers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, the public and the environment.

United Safety is committed to lead by maintaining, continuously improving and measuring the health, safety and environmental practices and performance in all phases of its operations.

The success of the EH&S program is a shared responsibility among all United personnel including all management, supervisors, employees and support staff. Each is accountable to ensure its success, as outlined in pertinent United expectations, programs and procedures.

The following principles will provide guidance and measurement in achieving our EH&S objectives:

Corporate Values

  • Meet or exceed respective regulations, recognized standards, and relevant industry recommended practices
  • Take all responsible measures to prevent occupational injury/illness
  • Prevent loss or damage to the environment and to the United Safety, its customers, the public, and equipment and materials
  • Provide leadership, guidance and resources in EH&S and loss prevention and the effective promotion and communication of EH&S both on and off the job
  • Implement programs and processes designed to limit the consequences of loss and emergency events

EH&S Compliant

United Safety currently maintains compliancy with three top EH&S Data Management Companies: ISNetworld, Canadian EH&S Registry, and CanQual. In recent years, EH&S priorities such as United Safety have become increasingly important to our customers when selecting a contractor. These priorities have made United Safety ability to maintain 100% compliancy seamless.

We have established clear accountabilities for EH&S compliance to determine that EH&S policy, principles, and practices are reflected throughout all of our operations. We set consistent goals and standards, provide appropriate resources, train employees to conduct their responsibilities, established matrices to measure EH&S performance and provide consistent leadership to strive for Incident-Free Operations.

Canadian HSE Registry

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