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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has been playing a growing role in revolutionizing safety for the Oil and Gas industry. From monitoring PPE compliance to fall detection, there are numerous ways that AI is being used to improve workplace safety.

At United Safety, we focus on two main areas where AI has the greatest impact:

Understanding and analyzing data generated

Data Analytics

From enhancing productivity to enabling better planning and mitigating risk factors, understanding and analyzing data generated can result in numerous value-added benefits for the company.

Computer Vision - Monitor, record, alert, repeat.

Computer vision

Computer vision is a field of AI that enables computers and systems to ‘see’, observe and derive meaningful information from digital images and videos. 

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Software Solutions

Our unique suite of software offerings is designed to keep your workers safe while enhancing productivity and efficiency. Be it fit for duty assessments to document management, there’s a range of services you can access.

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