The United Safety VulQan™ is a unique product designed by our Innovations Team to perform well blowout ignition. United Safety is the first safety services company in the world to develop and offer this technology directly to our customers. The VulQan™ well ignition system is the perfect addition to any H2S operation, providing critical well safety as part of a complete H2S safety package.

The VulQan™ is easy to transport, and is set up with two remote activation stations. The remote activation stations contain the power supply and can be placed up to 300 meters away from the VulQan™, outside critical electrical zones. Battery powered and rechargeable by solar power, the VulQan™ is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements.

In the event of a gas release, the system is activated from a safe distance, and can be stopped at any time. The VulQan™ H2S well ignition system discharge can be set on variable intermittent timings and durations depending on customer’s requirement and has sufficient fuel gel capacity to ensure extended duration of use.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency with a comprehensive critical H2S well safety package.

Auto Ignation System - VulQan™ Brochure

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for dangerous manual ignition.
  • Allows for all personnel to evacuate to a safe zone while ensuring ignition takes place.
  • Developed and operated by a leader in innovative H2S protection systems.
  • Single provider for ignition and H2S protection saves time and reduces logistical challenges brought by additional subcontractors.
  • Serviced and maintained by United Safety onsite H2S Specialists eliminating costly subcontractor visits.
  • Custom features can be added by our in-house R&D department as per customer requirements.

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