Real Time Location System (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of people or objects in real time usually within a building or a contained area. RTLS has several applications that can enhance both safety and productivity of onsite workers. From geo-fencing to real time personnel tracking, RTLS can revolutionize daily operations at your worksite.

To offer the most effective tracking service suited to your precise requirements, United Safety offers three location tracking service options:

Our most popular real-time solutions include:

Access Control

Access Control

Our real–time access control solutions ensure that only authorized personnel with complete and updated documentation are allowed to enter the worksite.

Real-time Personnel Tracking

Real-time Personnel Tracking

From badge-in to badge-out, you can now track all your workers in real-time and pinpoint their exact location through real-time personnel tracking.

RTLS Real-time Forklift & Vehicle Tracking

Real-time Forklift & Vehicle Collision Avoidance

Forklift collisions and collisions with trucks, cranes and other onsite vehicles is a common cause of onsite incidents. The Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS) is designed to tackle this challenge.

RTLS Real-time Geo-fencing

Real-time Geo-fencing

With RTLS, geo-fences can be set up to create restricted zones or virtual fences within a worksite.

Communicator – Smart Hardhat

Communicator – Smart Hardhat

The Communicator is a smart hardhat that provides sensor-based contextual awareness of the worker’s surroundings.

Scout – Smart Tag

Scout – Smart Tag

The Scout is a ruggedized, small, wearable device with a touch display. It provides location tracking, workers’ safety features such as SOS, proximity detection, and AV media collection features. 

RTLS Social Distance and Contact Tracing

Social Distance and Contact Tracing

The same real-time location system (RTLS) technology is being applied in the current crisis to reduce the risk of the virus spreading through workplaces. 

Vitals Monitoring system

Vitals Monitoring

Your people are your strongest asset and your biggest responsibility. How do you keep them safe in high-risk environments?

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