Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS)

Forklift collisions and collisions with trucks, cranes and other onsite vehicles is a common cause of onsite incidents. The Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS) is designed to tackle this challenge.

Key Challenge

In plants, workers are often focused on the task at hand while moving through the plant. Conversations with fellow employees, attention to other functions in the plant and a general increased level of distractions, coupled with the inability to hear oncoming traffic exposes the worker to higher level of risks associated with moving vehicle incidents. Even with increased training and tool box meetings, the risk is still elevated.

Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System (VPASS)

How does it work?

The Vehicle Proximity Alert Safety System is designed to provide workers with a warning if they are within a given distance from a vehicle equipped with the system. As a vehicle equipped with the VPASS approaches a worker equipped with a VPASS enabled tag, the worker tag will alert the tag wearer that the vehicle is in close proximity. This alert is a vibration, sound or combination of both. The alert distance is configurable and can be altered in real time based on the location of the vehicle in the plant.

The VPASS can be configured on forklifts, cranes, big trucks and any other vehicles which could pose a potential threat to workers onsite. Flexible rental solution makes it ideal for both short and long-term projects.

Where can it be used?

Forklift and vehicle tracking is ideal for oil and gas, industrial, logistics, manufacturing, mining, construction and any environment that has forklifts, trucks and other moving vehicles on site.

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