Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Coordinators

Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Coordinators

Onshore Emergency Response Plans (ERP) have Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ) that identify the offsite areas of concern during a gas release.

United Safety’s EPZ Coordinators ensure that the EPZ is controlled through daily monitoring and recording of activity at its access points, as well as, within the EPZ. They communicate with members of the public about impending drilling activity and the safety plan through call centers and physical visits. In the event of a gas release, the EPZ Coordinators establish emergency road blocks at access points into the EPZ and monitor the air for escaped gas plumes.

The duties of the EPZ Coordinator include:

  • Monitoring the air and the public within the EPZ
  • Setting up emergency roadblocks
  • Facilitating ERP meetings
  • Assisting in community evacuations and communications

United Safety is often the focal point of daily communications with the affected public on behalf of the customer and has the capacity to manage the integrity of the EPZ through the EPZ Coordinators.


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