With the increasing focus on effective HSE initiatives, there is a growing demand by the Oil & Gas industry for onsite implementation in addition to established policies and procedures. The Safety Technician focuses on operational safety which reviews processes, and then develops the safety culture through active onsite implementation. They are able to ensure consistency on service delivery.

United Safety often acts as the single point of contact for the roll out of new initiatives to sites that face challenges such as geographically widely disbursed (even constantly changing locations), high staff turnover, entrenched practices that need changing, and remote locations that require multiple individuals to cover time off.

The duties of the Safety Technician (HSE) include:

  • Inspections, audits, assessments, and safety meetings
  • Risk identification/analysis/assessments
  • Incident investigation/reporting
  • Liaising with onsite safety leadership
  • Assist in the development and deployment of HSE initiatives
  • Develop a strong safety culture within the workforce
  • Participate in all aspects of the HSEMS ensuring compliance with national regulations and local and international standards
  • Provide direction, leadership, safety data interpretation, and technical assistance
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