United Safety’s innovative High Pressure Mobile Air Delivery Systems are designed to solve key challenges of delivering breathing air to workers including:

  • Long distances to end users
  • Work areas located at heights
  • Multiple users with heavy demands
  • Work areas that are constantly changing

Key benefits of High-Pressure Mobile Air Delivery Systems

  • Dramatically lower set up time and eliminate having to move air storage units.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Allow for virtually unlimited reach and connect hundreds of end users simultaneously.
  • Can be used in vertical installations to reach workers at heights
  • Effective, convenient, safe and reliable source of breathing air.
  • Flexible rental options

Our most popular Mobile High Pressure Air Systems

High pressure air storage and delivery system - Air Qube™

High Volume Air Storage and Delivery – Air Qube™

Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system that is big on capacity but small in footprint.

Portable breathing air system - Ultra Lite™

Portable Breathing Air System – Ultra Lite™

Breathing air just got easier to transport. The Ultra Lite™ is a compact, highly-portable, stackable breathing air system.

Medium Volume Air Delivery –  Air Trailer II

Medium Volume Air Delivery – Air Trailer II

The Air Trailer has been re-designed in 2013 to further benefit customers with increased functionality and reliability.

TCOM Compressor - A flexible refilling solutions for air storage

TCOM Compressor

The TCOM Compressor provides flexible refilling solutions for air storage that is easily done onsite without any interruption to work.

Pneumatic Air Power Source - Breathing air delivery system - Air TreQ™ Blinder

Pneumatic Air Power Source – Air TreQ™ Blinder

The Air TreQ™ Blinder combines breathing air delivery and pneumatic power source for operating air tools in a small, mobile package, making short-duration tasks more efficient.

Breathing Air - portable storage racks

Breathing Air Trolley – Two Bottle Cascade Rack

The two-bottle cascade rack carries two 500 cubic foot breathing air cylinders.

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From air trailer to refillable air storage systems, United Safety has a range of high-pressure air storage systems to tackle complicated industrial challenges.

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