The medium volume air storage Air Trailers are trucks holding large capacity high pressure air cylinders connected to a control panel. Each Air Trailer is supplied with airline so workers do not need to carry additional back mounted cylinders.

The Air Trailer uses modern storage air cylinders that reduces the number of cylinders in each trailer while increasing the amount of air available and generating additional storage space. The reduced number of cylinders lowers the Air Trailers’ center of gravity making it safe to drive and increasing reliability of on-time delivery to the customer.

The intrinsically safe breathing air alarm system allows the Air Trailer to be positioned in environments closer to the worksite, greatly reducing set-up time while increasing flexibility. The control panel is more user-friendly while increasing safety redundancies and displaying air usage levels.

Watch United Safety’s Breathing Air Delivery Systems – Bulk Air Trailer

Key Benefits of the Air Trailer

  • Intrinsically safe
  • User-friendly panel, air usage display levels

Where can the Air Trailer be used?

Upstream or downstream environment in Oil & Gas. On any worksite requiring breathing air.

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