From air trailers to refillable, air storage packs, United Safety has a range of high-pressure air storage systems that cater to a range of customer requirements. Key benefits of the high-pressure air storage systems include: 

  • High volume from equipment with small footprint making it ideal for use in areas where space is premium
  • Additional mobility with Air Trailers and Truck mounted systems that can supply air to workers in remote locations
  • Stackable, refillable air storage systems

Our most popular High Pressure Air Storage Systems

High Volume Air Storage and Delivery – Air Qube™

High Volume Air Storage and Delivery – Air Qube™

Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system that is big on capacity but small in footprint.

Medium Volume Air Delivery – Air Trailer II

Medium Volume Air Delivery – Air Trailer II

The Air Trailer has been re-designed in 2013 to further benefit customers with increased functionality and reliability.

Stackable, refillable breathing Air storage – Smart Pack

Stackable, refillable air storage – Smart Pack

The Smart Pack is scalable and has a small footprint to accommodate worksites with limited areas/deck space.

Truck Mounted Breathing Air Storage Unit

Truck Mounted Breathing Air Storage System

The Remote Breathing Air Storage Unit can deliver air and equipment to most remote locations where accessibility of an air trailer is limited.

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High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS)

Customizable breathing air systems that allow for unlimited reach and connect to dozens of end users at the same time. United Safety’s High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS) dramatically lowers set up time and can eliminate having to continuously move air supplies within a plant site.

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