Pre-job Preparation

Planning and preparation are key to understanding and meeting client’s requirements. The Needs Assessment is a pre-job session with client to clarify any issues related to scope and requirements to plan and ensure a smooth and safe service delivery.

Upstream Pre-job Preparation Service Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment is a process used to review the work with key onsite stakeholders prior to the start of site operations.

Upstream pre-job preparation service Training and Onboarding

Training and Onboarding

Our specialized and dedicated instructors can deliver the high quality training you need, freeing your personnel to focus on their tasks.

Project Billing – Real time billing reporting

Project Billing

United Safety’s Onsite Finance Administrators play a critical role in ensuring that we control our costs and communicate accurate, timely invoicing to our client.

Post-Job Services

Capture learnings and best practices from the project to ensure an even more successful one the next time. This gives all stakeholders a clear idea of what was done well and what could be improved for the next project.

Upstream Post-turnaround Services Stewardship Report

Stewardship Report™

The Stewardship Report™ is United Safety’s moment to share observations on customer’s internal processes and personnel, as well as, offer a transparent breakdown of where the customer payments are invested within United Safety.

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Well Ignition System – VulQan™

The United Safety VulQan™ is a unique product designed by our Innovations Team to perform well blowout ignition. United Safety is the first safety services company in the world to develop and offer this technology directly to our customers.

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