The Operations Technical Coordinator with years of industry experience uses the “listen to the customer” philosophy to gain a complete understanding of the challenges. With that understanding, the Operations Technical Coordinator provides tailored solutions. This approach has made United Safety a trusted advisor to numerous customers worldwide.

The Operations Technical Coordinator is knowledgeable at all well sites, and knows how to effectively communicate with well site management. They successfully execute the customer’s plan, support onsite contractors to achieve operational goals, and ensure people and equipment are performing to United Safety’s quality standards, which meet or exceed customer standards.

The duties of the Operations Technical Coordinator include:

  • Operational needs assessments and planning
  • Operational logistics and inventory movement
  • Project planning
  • Management support
  • Accident/emergency investigation
  • Customer relations
  • Upstream audits
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Process Excellence Supervisor

The Process Excellence Supervisor is there to successfully execute the plan and support onsite personnel to achieve operational excellence.

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