The Oil and Gas industry faces multiple challenges from increasing worker productivity to raising safety requirements. Our unique suite of software offerings is designed to keep your workers safe while enhancing productivity and efficiency. Be it fit for duty assessments to document management, there’s a range of services you can access.

Sophia, an integrated risk management software

Document Management Portal – Sophia

An integrated risk management software that offers a one-stop solution for permit-to-work, as well as access validation, document management, checklists management and collision detection to efficiently allocate resources.

Suite of solutions that help organizations to improve employee safety

Ready for Duty Services

TeQ Shield™ Ready for Duty is a comprehensive suite of solutions that help organizations improve employee safety and create operational efficiencies.

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Site Specialists & Leadership

Effective onshore and offshore rig safety is maintained by safety specialists with years of training and experience.  These team of experts include Process Excellence Supervisors, Hazardous Gas Safety Specialists, Operations Technical Coordinator, Safety Technicians to name a few.

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