360 Service Excellence for Customers

United Safety’s 360 Service Excellence is our commitment to consistently deliver the highest quality of service, meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations in all the areas we work in.

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Leadership Service Quality Process Service Reliability Service Tangibility Service Responsiveness Service Assurance Great experience Lower total cost of safety service A safer environment


Through our well-articulated service excellence vision, we inspire the team to excel in their capacity to deliver service with passion for the business and integrity in keeping with our business values.

Service Quality Process

The voice of our customers guides our service improvement. Through systematic and active listening, service reviews, field reporting and stewardship process, we strive to continually capture and improve our service.

Service Reliability

We deliver the promised service to our customers competently, reliably and accurately every time, all the time.

Service Tangibility

We ensure that our people and facilities are always professional in their appearance, adhere to the highest safety and service standards and that our equipment is always in top operating condition with an excellent maintenance process record.

Service Responsiveness

You can rely on us thanks to our well trained and qualified personnel who go the extra mile to provide prompt service beyond the call of duty. Our employees refuse to give up until any persistent problem is solved.

Service Assurance

With United Safety, you can be assured that the knowledge of our people, the performance of our equipment and the resilience of our processes will always address your needs and exceed your expectations. We have achieved industry certifications such as ISO 9001, Enform, IADC and others.

Great experience

Our personnel know and understand their job and our equipment always works. This ensures you of a worry-free experience where you can be confident that your project and assets are in very safe hands.

Lower total cost of safety service

We work together to contribute to your Operational Excellence goals, transforming safety from a cost center to a profit center.

A safer environment

Over 30 years, we have enjoyed an excellent safety record for all employees and contractors that we have impacted with our service. This is a direct value that is passed to our large and loyal customer base.

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