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Some upstream locations can be extremely remote and working alone in these environments can be very dangerous. Lone Worker Monitoring Services is an effective solution that enables lone workers to keep in touch with the right people at the right time to ensure that they stay safe while working alone.

The Lone Worker Monitoring software is a comprehensive service platform that includes an easy-to-use app, a web-based Control Center, 24/7 live response center monitoring, and optional wearables and devices – to protect anyone in your company, wherever they are. Monitors at an emergency response center assess status 24/7, investigate missed check-ins, communicate with workers and find the best help in the event of an emergency. Data is captured in real time, so a response team always has the most up-to-date information. In short, we provide real-time insights with real people support.

Lone worker monitoring

Key benefits of the Lone Worker Monitoring Service

  • Robust data into activity, condition, location, and time, including alerts for non-medical assistance, hazard timers and record-keeping for audits and incidents
  • 24/7/365 protection, with guaranteed outcomes whether employees are on or off the clock, for no extra cost
  • Automated and manual check-in options, including in-motion check-ins for driving
  • Worker trusted, with a secure platform and privacy settings
  • Two-way communication with emergency response staff
  • Configurable escalation procedures
  • Ability for response center to standardize software to improve response times
  • “Neighbor-helping-neighbor” feature identifies others in the area who might help, whether or not they work at the same company
  • Compatible with a range of devices (iOS, Android, satellite, wearables), adaptable to your company protocols and your choice of response center
  • Open platform with no proprietary equipment saves costs and configures to future needs
  • Designed to meet communication, alarm and other procedures recommended by legislation

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