Your people are your strongest asset and your biggest responsibility. How do you keep them safe in high-risk environments? How do you know that they are physically fit enough for the tough job at hand? In hot regions, how do you protect them from a heat stroke?

TeQ Shield™ Bio is a cutting-edge system that enables you to monitor, prevent or call for immediate medical intervention should the need arise. The system can handle up to 64 workers simultaneously. Once workers are on the system, their core body functions including breathing rate, heart rate and core temperature are tracked. If the worker’s vitals are outside of the normal range, the system raises a clear warning signal. Immediate steps can be taken to ensure that the worker gets the appropriate medical attention and/or support he requires.

With this solution, employers can now protect their workforce in real time, with greater impact and at a lower cost than traditional health checks. The result? TeQ Shield™ Bio enables you to effectively manage worker safety and make decisions to ensure that workers have the protection they deserve.

TeQ Shield™ Bio - Vitals Monitoring

Key benefits

  • Remote, real-time physiological monitoring
  • Increased productivity and morale amongst workers
  • Comfortable, lightweight, easy to use and set up
  • Produces alarms and alerts that can be monitored through the TeQ Shield™ IIoT
  • Cost-effective rental solution.

Where can it be used?

TeQ Shield™ Bio is ideal for workers in Oil and Gas, construction, mining and other jobs that involve work in hazardous and extreme temperature environments.

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