High Pressure Air Delivery System

United Safety’s innovative High Pressure Air Delivery System are fully customizable and are designed to solve the challenges that come with:

  • Long distances to end users
  • Work areas located at heights
  • Multiple users with heavy demands
  • Work areas that are constantly changing

United Safety’s High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS) dramatically lowers set up time and can eliminate having to continuously move air supplies within a plant site. These customizable systems allow for a virtually unlimited reach and connect to dozens of end users at the same time. They also have a distinct advantage when breathing air is required for work at multiple higher vertical elevations such as stacks and large columns, where challenges can exist when using conventional methods.

The system can be linked to provide an effective, convenient, safe and reliable source of breathing air.

  • Regulators
  • Air II™ Station
  • Air Storage

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Key Benefits of High Pressure Air System

  • Virtually unlimited reach from storage source to end user.
  • No limits on vertical installations.
  • Air storage units are equipped to refill in place replacing the need to move breathing air cylinders.
  • Air storage units and air stations are equipped with master storage gauges to allow end users to know how much stored air is available throughout the system.
  • Air stations are fitted with a 20 percent storage alarm (bell) that indicates when breathing air supply is low.
  • High pressure air is delivered directly to the air station eliminating the need for large amounts of low-pressure air lines and the associated flow restrictions.
  • Air storage can be wheeled or transported on skids. Skids can be stacked for low footprint concerns.
  • Customizable to suit different requirements and working conditions.
  • Flexible rental options for your project requirements and duration

Where can it be used?

Upstream and downstream, industrial, multiple user points, work at elevations, greater distance from air source.

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