Using Confined Space Monitoring solutions – TeQ Shield™ Guardian, we help you gain project control and visibility in all phases of your plant turnaround. United Safety’s integrated suite of safety services combines gas detection, video surveillance, two-way communication, access control, permitting, quality control and assurance and monitoring of core body vitals to improve safety while reducing costs.

Watch the video and know more about United Safety’s centralized confined space monitoring system – TeQ Shield™ Guardian.

Key Benefits

  • A site badge reader informs personnel whether or not they are authorized for confined space entry.
  • Two-way communication outside and inside the confined space allows personnel to be in constant contact with the command center.
  • Cameras offer clear visibility in a wide array of work and environmental conditions.
  • Video is recorded along with gas detection logs and time stamping for training or investigations.
  • Real-time gas detection monitors the area for hazardous gases.
  • Our professionals monitor and act on the data from the confined space from inside the command center.

Learn more about United Safety’s Remote confined space monitoring technology – TeQ Shield™ Guardian.