The Air Qruise™ Trooper-T is part of the Air Qruise™ range, a technology that enables effective breathing air management and supply. It includes external and internal gas detection systems, an alarm unit, air masks connected to a 444 cu ft Air Supply Module, and an intelligent QTab™ touch screen that displays readings. The Air Qruise™ Trooper-T can be fitted into multiple styles of vehicles and its vertical design was created to take up less space. This makes it ideal for use in non-explosive IDLH environments.

Breathing air supply, gas detection and evacuation in one neat package

Key benefits

  • Plays a crucial role in quickly notifying people of toxic gas presence and providing them with breathing air and a safe muster-in-place option.
  • Reduces toxic gas exposure that can occur during evacuation.
  • Prevents exposure in the event of unknowingly transiting into a release zone.
  • Minimal or no modifications required to the vehicle.
  • Takes up minimal space in box of vehicle.
  • Ability to use air supply from the Air Qruise™ Air Supply Module, as well as from SCBA.
  • Cost-effective rental solution.

The vehicle can be used to travel into a non-explosive Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) area for a range of activities, such as driving up to a well, or rescuing workers during emergencies.

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The Air Qruise™ is a patented system of compressed air supply and distribution that is installed in client vehicles or in vehicles supplied to clients by United Safety.

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