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Are you certain that your rig workers are fit for duty? Are your onsite workers alert enough in a night shift?

Tired and unfocused workers in on your rig site could be the cause of safety incidents and accidents. The Fit for Duty Assessment is a scientifically proven, non-invasive, cognitive screening software designed to measure impairment and fatigue. Thus, identifying issues before they become problems.

It is an app that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, tablet or computer and the game-like assessment can be completed in 90 seconds. It is so quick that it can be completed before a shift, during a break or before commencement of a critical task without disrupting productivity. Yet, the results quickly and simply identify potential impairment from fatigue, medication, illness, extreme stress or substance abuse. The focus is on level of impairment rather than cause of impairment, removing judgement from management and potential opposition from the workforce.

The result? Our Fit for Duty Assessment software is a quick, objective and cost-effective way to ensure that employees are alert and ready for the task at hand.

Fit for Duty Assessments

Key benefits of the Fit for Duty Assessment software

  • Instant notifications of workers’ readiness for the job.
  • Privacy protection with a non-invasive process that does not seek out impairment cause.
  • Neutral, image-based tool that avoids bias and can be used by anyone.
  • Information security that can only be accessed with password-protected log-in.
  • Ability to manage and track employee profiles and review detailed statistics to identify trends.
  • Inform safety programs with insight into workers’ cognitive health .

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