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TeQ Shield™ Driver Behavior Monitoring is an app-based driver behavior software that evaluates, monitors, tracks and provides improvement feedback on driver behavior.

With extensive analytics and map-based visualization, our Driver Behavior Monitoring app gives managers valuable insights into risks and trends, helps them identify journey hot-spots and better routes, and gain operational insight about all their vehicles. This results in improved fuel economy, vehicle uptime, safety performance and significant cost saving in addition to the core benefit of promoting safer driving behavior.

With a simple app for drivers (iOS, Android) and web-based portal for managers, the program can be rolled out across your fleet in no time at all. The result? Safe driving, safer workers.

Driver Behavior Monitoring Software

Key benefits of the Driver Behavior Monitoring App

  • Motivation for improved driving through comparative scores, gamification and coaching
  • Predictive insights and business intelligence into trends and issues
  • Cost reduction through improved journey planning and liability reduction
  • Monitoring of phone use, to help stop distracted driving
  • Provides eight points of analysis including speeding, braking, cornering, and overall focus
  • Includes on-duty/off-duty switching and scheduling for privacy protection
  • Predictive insights and business intelligence into trends and issues
  • Group announcement features to broadcast alerts and other messages to your team
  • Eco score calculation to help save fuel costs
  • No hardware installation, capital expenses or vehicle downtime
  • Lower insurance costs through improved safety outcomes

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