The Smart Pack is a Grade D breathing air container, ideal for worksites with space restrictions due to its small footprint and scalability capabilities. The Smart Pack is easy to transport and deploy and is designed to be durable and resistant to the elements and other machinery onsite. The enclosure can also feature a compartment for storage of Breathing Air Apparatus or other equipment.

The Smart Pack is scalable and has a small footprint to accommodate worksites with limited space. Its air storage can be recharged while personnel are still consuming air thanks to its unique ‘Fill-on-the-fly’ technology.

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Key benefits of Breathing Air Container

  • Easy to transport and deploy
  • Can supply both high- and low-pressure air
  • Several packs can be linked together for a higher air capacity, which can be controlled from a central station
  • When air volume is low, the Smart Pack can be charged while personnel are connected and still consuming air, thanks to its Fill-on-the-fly technology

Where can it be used?

In both upstream and downstream environments; ideal for locations where space is limited.

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