Breathing air just got easier to transport. The Ultra Lite™ is a compact, highly-portable, stackable breathing air system. Thanks to its innovative carbon fiber cylinders, it weighs less than the commercial standard of 1001lbs and withstands higher pressure to still produce 3000 cubic feet of air despite its reduced dimensions. This makes breathing air much easier to transport.

Its smaller footprint allows it to be transported in the bed of a ½ ton pickup truck, eliminating the need for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The result is a reduction in logistical challenges, delivery costs and additional issues like on and off loading with a forklift.

Though small in size, the Ultra Lite™ is big on air. It can provide 25 hours of breathing air for one person or six hours of breathing air for a crew of four. It can also be fit into a customizable trailer that can hold up to 8 Ultra Lite (24,000cu ft of air at 5,000psi). Depending on customer’s needs, the trailer can be used to make room for an Ultra Lite, work areas and/or lockable tool storage.

Ultra Lite, ultra easy breathing air.

Key Benefits of a portable breathing air system

  • No Commercial Driving License required, fits in a pick up truck
  • Up to 25 hours of breathing air per person
  • Compact, portable, stackable

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