The Air TreQ™ Blinder combines breathing air delivery and pneumatic power source for operating air tools in a small, mobile package, making short-duration tasks more efficient.

This highly versatile, portable unit provides 10 man-hours of Class D breathing air and can support two users. Its narrow footprint and excellent maneuverability make it ideal for work areas with limited space available. It is also equipped with a platform to safely transport required gear to the worksite.

Key benefits of the Air TreQ™ Blinder

  • Uses the same air for breathing air delivery as well as a pneumatic power source for operating air tools
  • Versatile, flexible, multi-purpose
  • Narrow footprint is ideal for areas where space is limited

Where can the Air TreQ™ Blinder be used? What kind of tasks is it best suited for?

Upstream and downstream, short duration tasks, remote work areas, limited space, pneumatic tool usage

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