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TeQ Shield™ 360 Brochure

TeQ Shield™ 360 is a revolutionary safety platform that integrates all your smart safety devices into one platform. The result is an integrated platform that allows you to manage multiple safety operations, monitor different workers, control access in real time, track workers and assets, check biometrics and perform a host of other safety related functions – from one centralized platform.

TeQ Shield™ AI Brochure

AI in HSE:

AI solutions are a rapidly growing trend in HSE solutions for the digital and connected worker. This brochure provides an overview of current challenges faced by workers and various AI applications that help improve worker safety and productivity.

Connected Worker Solution Brochure

This brochure gives you an overview of how the Communicator, Scout and our IIoT platform work together to provide an integrated solution that transforms your regular workers to a connected workforce.

Typhoon™ Trailer Flyer

The Typhoon™ Trailer is a mobile alarm notification system.

Equipped with a locomotive train horn, it is guaranteed to be noticed. Download the flyer to read more.

Safety Training Services Flyer

Trained workers are safe workers. Find out more about the safety training we provide. Download brochure.

Safety training modules include:

  • H2S Awareness Training
  • SO2 Awareness Training
  • Safe Confined Spaces Entry Training
  • Work at Height Best Practices Training
  • Fire Fighting Training – High Risk
  • Fire Fighting Training – Medium Risk
  • Fire Fighting Training – Low Risk
  • Foreman Training
  • General Risk Assessment Training
  • Specific Risk Assessment  Training
  • Directive 18/2012/EU – Major Accident Prevention Policy Training
  • Breathing Air Equipment Training
  • Breathing Air Bottle Watch Training

Fire Protection Service – Fire Shield™ Brochure

United Safety launches a brand new service offering – Fire Shield™, a comprehensive range of fire protection products and services. From inspection to testing, maintenance to service, find out how we can help you protect and prevent a fire emergency at your site.

TeQ Shield™ Hub IPEC Brochure

Missing tools and safety equipment onsite? Difficult to keep track of tools? Errors in billing and tool usage?

Inefficient management of safety tools and equipment can lead to a loss in productivity and an increase in costs. TeQ Shield™ Hub-IPEC is a one-stop onsite rental and inventory management system that can solve all your tool tracking and distribution requirements.

Download the TeQ Shield™ Hub-IPEC brochure to find out more.

COVID-19 Body Temperature Monitoring Solution Flyer

Accurate, remote, temperature monitoring solution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Read more in the brochure here.

TeQ Shield™ Aware-Ready for Duty Services Brochure

This brochure contains an overview of the TeQ Shield™ Aware-Ready for Duty Services including:

  • Fit for duty assessments services
  • Driver behavior monitoring services
  • Lone worker monitoring services

Real Time Location System (RTLS) – TeQ Shield™ Tracker Brochure

The one-stop solution for all your tracking and monitoring requirements.

The TeQ Shield™ Tracker is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective and versatile tracking system that can be customized to your exact requirements. Our Real time Location System (RTLS) leverages instantaneous positioning technologies: Active Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) for real-time monitoring, tracking, locating and managing your personnel and assets from a central point.

RFID offers positioning by using radio waves to wirelessly transmit the location. UWB imparts precise indoor positioning with less than one-meter accuracy through short-range radio technology.

The result? Continuous, real-time, long distance employee tracking within your facility.

Track, monitor and maintain social distance of onsite workers

From ensuring proper social distancing practices at the workplace to contact tracing solutions, tracking personnel to improving productivity, download our brochure and learn more about how TeQ Shield™ Tracker (RTLS) can help improve safety and productivity at work.

Drone Services Flyer

From HD imaging and videos to flare stack inspections, CUI surveys to thermal /IR imaging, find out how our drone services can provide you with faster, safer and more efficient solutions. Download and read more in the flyer here.

Air Qube™ Flyer

The Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system that is big on capacity but small in footprint.

SideKiQ™ Flyer

The SideKiQ™ was created to allow workers quick access to a local supply of commonly used gear.

TeQ Shield™ Overview Brochure

Maintenance shutdowns or turnarounds demand innovations that help maximize productivity and reduce cost. Learn more about TeQ Shield™ solutions, an integrated suite of safety services that combines gas detection, video surveillance, two-way communication, access control, quality control and assurance and knowledge capture processes.

TeQ Shield™ Aware-Personal Cooling System Brochure

Introducing TeQ Shield™ Aware-Personal Cooling System, an innovative cooling system based on compressed air technology that helps keep your workers safe, cool and productive in hot weather.

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