Service Line: Downstream & Upstream

From HD imaging and videos to flare stack inspections, CUI surveys to thermal /IR imaging, find out how our drone services can provide you with faster, safer and more efficient solutions. Download and read more in the flyer here.

Some of the key benefits of using drones include:

  • Ability to gather higher quality data about plant and pipeline assets
  • Dramatic reduction in the likelihood of safety incidents by eliminating the need for personnel to be present in certain high-risk environments
  • Elimination of the need for scaffolding or crane rental for tower inspections resulting in massive cost savings
  • Prevention of unexpected delays, workflow disruptions and possible EPA penalties reaching millions of dollars through the identification of anomalies before they become major problems
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency from completion of pipeline right-of-way scans in a fraction of the time required for manual inspection and without the need to expose personnel to environmental risk
  • Creation of LiDAR point clouds with +/- 3cm accuracy from up to 250 meters away plus the ability to penetrate most vegetation canopies