Quazar™ is a revolutionary perimeter monitoring and community protection system.

An industry first, this cutting-edge solution consists of several gas monitors linked together and offers enhanced Emergency Preparedness and Operational Excellence for United Safety’s clients. Utilizing both RF and Web technologies, the Quazar™ offers real-time monitoring by allowing authorized personnel to log in and access the system’s information from anywhere in the world.

A key differentiator with the Quazar™ is its ability to communicate wirelessly across multi-platforms including VHF, UHF, wimax or gsm. The system provides users with accurate and reliable information that they can use to diagnose and fix a situation remotely. While the Quazar™ is an excellent gas monitor, it performs several other valuable services including data logging, charting and wind speed and direction tracking.

Key advantages of Quazar™

  • Real-time, remote gas monitoring system. System can be monitored from anywhere in the world by personnel with proper login access.
  • In addition to gas monitoring, it also provides data logging, charting and wind speed and direction tracking services.
  • The Quazar™ can be diagnosed and adjusted remotely.
  • Provides user with accurate and reliable information to understand and diagnose a situation.
  • Supports a visual interface to allow quick and well informed decisions.
  • Redundant communication by sending alarm information out through SMS.
  • Cost-effective rental solution.

Where can the Quazar™ be used?

Upstream Exploration & Production, Refinery, Petrochemical, Gas Processing Facilities, Community Protection

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