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This fill station from Scott Safety can simultaneously charge two breathing air cylinders while two cylinders are being exchanged on the outside of the chamber, speeding up the refilling process.

Hose Reel

This Hose Reel is made of metal and is used for storing 300psi, 100 ft-1/4” hose.

Air Blower

The Air Blower is designed to keep your site clear from accumulation of hazardous gases and vapors.

Bauer K20-D

A reliable and robust diesel-powered compressor capable of charging both cascade airline breathing systems and cylinders for portable breathing apparatus.

Air TreQ™ Transit

The Air TreQ™ Transit is a portable spare cylinder designed for in transit situations where space is limited.

Air Qube™ Flyer

The Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system that is big on capacity but small in footprint.

Three-Cylinder Air Cart

The Three-Cylinder Air Cart provides a total of 900 cu ft. of air or up to four hours of breathing air for two people. It comes complete with a regulator system and is designed to provide mobility and maneuverability for towing and transport in ramps, plant walkways, and rugged fields.

Sophia Software Integrates Turnaround Management Systems – Oilfield Technology

The Oilfield technology featured the launch of United Safety’s Sophia software during ADIPEC 2015 in their online magazine. Sophia helps plant managers efficiently allocate resources during turnarounds, and can also be a permanent solution to manage safety in a facility.

United Safety’s new TeQ Shield to be unveiled – Pipeline Magazine

The article features United Safety’s presence at ADIPEC 2015, focusing specially on the launch of TeQ Shield.

SideKiQ™ Flyer

The SideKiQ™ was created to allow workers quick access to a local supply of commonly used gear.

TeQ Shield™ Overview Folder

Maintenance shutdowns or turnarounds demand innovations that help maximize productivity and reduce cost. Learn more about TeQ Shield™ solutions, an integrated suite of safety services that combines gas detection, video surveillance, two-way communication, access control, quality control and assurance and knowledge capture processes.

TeQ Shield™ Aware-Personal Cooling System Brochure

Introducing TeQ Shield™ Aware-Personal Cooling System, an innovative cooling system based on compressed air technology that helps keep your workers safe, cool and productive in hot weather.

TeQ Shield™ Aware-Vitals Monitoring system Brochure

Discover the TeQ Shield™ Aware-Vitals Monitoring system, a system that can monitor workers’ key health metrics including breathing rate, heart rate and core temperature. If the worker’s vitals are outside of the normal range, the system raises a clear warning signal so that immediate measures can be taken.

Sophia Brochure

Sophia is a software solution that offers a one-stop for permit-to-work, access validation, document management, checklists management and collision detection to efficiently allocate resources during turnarounds.

Gas safety solutions – World Pipelines Magazine

This 3-page feature article came out in the October 2015 issue of World Pipelines magazine. In this article, Mike Gilbert, our Vice President for the Middle East, talks about the latest in gas safety solutions such as the world’s first Vehicle Gas Protection System (VGPS) – called the Air Qruise™. He also introduces a line of Manual Mobile Breathing Air Systems (MMBAS) that the company developed to respond to the need for lightweight mass breathing air storage systems.

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