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TeQ Shield™ Aware-Ready for Duty Services Brochure

This brochure contains an overview of the TeQ Shield Aware-Ready for Duty Services including fit for duty assessments, driver behavior monitoring and lone worker monitoring services.

TeQ Shield™ Tracker Brochure

From ensuring proper social distancing practices at the workplace to contact tracing solutions, tracking personnel to improving productivity, find out more about how TeQ Shield™ Tracker can help improve safety and productivity at work.

Three-Cylinder Air Cart

The Three-Cylinder Air Cart provides a total of 900 cu ft. of air or up to four hours of breathing air for two people. It comes complete with a regulator system and is designed to provide mobility and maneuverability for towing and transport in ramps, plant walkways, and rugged fields.

TeQ Shield™ Overview Folder

Maintenance shutdowns or turnarounds demand innovations that help maximize productivity and reduce cost. Learn more about TeQ Shield™ solutions, an integrated suite of safety services that combines gas detection, video surveillance, two-way communication, access control, quality control and assurance and knowledge capture processes.

TeQ Shield™ Aware-Personal Cooling System Brochure

Introducing TeQ Shield™ Aware-Personal Cooling System, an innovative cooling system based on compressed air technology that helps keep your workers safe, cool and productive in hot weather.

TeQ Shield™ Aware-Vitals Monitoring system Brochure

Discover the TeQ Shield™ Aware-Vitals Monitoring system, a system that can monitor workers’ key health metrics including breathing rate, heart rate and core temperature. If the worker’s vitals are outside of the normal range, the system raises a clear warning signal so that immediate measures can be taken.

TeQ Shield™ Guardian Flyer

This brochure will give you details on TeQ Shield™ Guardian, a system that combines gas detection, video cameras, two-way communication and access control to create an effective solution for confined space monitoring.

Training and Orientation Services Brochure for Canada

Discover how our complete training solutions help you to manage and deliver customizable and flexible orientation and project on-boarding programs. Our dedicated training professionals will allow you to free up core staff and ensure a centralized, consistent delivery.

Three Reasons to Buy the Air Qruise™ Electro-Ex – Oil & Gas Middle East

The article highlights three reasons why the Air Qruise™ Electro-Ex drives the industry to safety.

The importance of Innovation in the Oil and Gas industry – BIC

United Safety is featured twice in the 2014 May edition of BIC Magazine.

In the first article Tim Wallace (our EVP for North and South America) talks about the importance of innovation in the Oil and Gas industry, and how it should not be solely focused on production but also helping operations run safely.

The second article explains how United Safety stays ahead of the curve by fostering an internal innovation culture amongst all employees and by actively listening to customers’ unsolved needs to develop groundbreaking safety solutions.

The Challenges of Confined Space – HSE Now

Our article discusses the complexity and challenges of confined space entry and rescue and illustrates best practices from one of our case histories of confined space entry in Angola.

The World’s First Vehicle Gas Protection System – USA Oil and Gas Monitor

In this article, Lee Whittaker, President and Chief Executive Officer for United Safety, talks about how our innovative Air Qruise™ product range is vital to protecting employees in IDLH environment.

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