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Enhanced shutdown safety standards in a Processing Plant in Iraq

Discover how United Safety’s highly qualified personnel deployed innovative breathing air and gas
detection equipment, and extensively trained the local workforce to improve shutdown safety in a plan in Iraq.


United Safety provides Scott Safety’s ELSA Muster, an open circuit, positive pressure airline breathing apparatus.

Ehsan Uddin talks to Middle East Oil & Gas on Occupational Health – Oil and Gas Middle East

The article talks about Occupational Health as an important part of companies’ health and safety culture. Ehsan Uddin, MScA, CRSP, United Safety’s Lead Industrial Hygienist, was part of the subject matter experts interviewed for the article.


Equipped with features that are unavailable on competitor units, the EAGLE 2 is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection for LEL, O2, H2S and CO.

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA)

United Safety provides Scott Safety’s ELSA emergency escape-breathing device. Providing 5, 10 or 15 minutes of escape from toxic environments, even in atmospheres Immediate Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH).

Ensuring Public Protection from Toxic Gas Releases – HSE Now

Our article “Ensuring Public Protection from Toxic Gas Releases” discusses the state of community protection in the Oil and Gas industry. It also goes into what Oil and Gas companies can do to improve the safety of surrounding communities.

EH&S OnSite™ Brochure for Canada

From drilling operations to processing plants, having our Safety Technicians onsite provides you with a resource to mitigate site risk and associated costs and losses. They implement your onsite QHSE initiatives among employees and contractors ensuring compliance to your Safety Management System (SMS).

Established local operations in Abu Dhabi in record time

United Safety had to manage all aspects of setting up operations and infrastructure in less than 3 months in Abu Dhabi. We utilized previous experience of a success-driven global pool of support personnel and achieved a fully-operational entity set up, mobilization of equipment and personnel in time for the project.

Establishing a national recruitment program within the first six months of project operation.

United Safety established a national recruitment program with an efficient transition program within the first six months of project operations in Brazil. We recruiting sufficient amount of national workers of relevant background and involved incumbent personnel to conduct intensive training and mentoring, achieving 60% local content at project launch and 100% within six months.

Establishing a project management system for an offshore drilling activity that encourages continuous improvement.

In order to ensure safe and hazard-free drilling operations for client’s Offshore Drilling Activities we developed a Well Operator’s Drilling Project Management System that provided structure and support to client’s Offshore Drilling project.

Ensuring safe operating procedures through a HAZID/Risk Analysis of Sand Master equipment

One of customers was concerned about quantifying potential occupational exposure of hazardous particles. We conducted a HAZID/ Risk Analysis of customer’s Sand Master equipment, providing them a clear yet comprehensive process that covered all aspects of the HAZID/ Risk Analysis.

Ensuring onsite safety during relief well drilling and kill operations

In order to facilitate control operations and kill the fire on a well that had suffered a blowout in Libya and which had been burning for 120 days, United Safety and Zueitina engineers performed a relief well plan to successfully achieve a dynamic kill.

Effective cost control during turnarounds through daily billing and status updates

Client faced a major issue with cost control, back billing, delayed invoicing and inflated equipment rental expenses during past TAs. We provided an Onsite Financial Controller to communicate on a daily basis with client’s financial team, delivering timely billing and cost control.

Ensuring effective and consistent onsite safety leadership

In order to execute a major turnaround of a heavy oil production facility, our client needed effective, experienced onsite leadership, chosen through the Step-Up process to ensure onsite safety and bring out the best in contractors, resulting in one of the most successful Turnarounds in the client’s history.

Establishing an effective offsite contractor onboarding strategy

United Safety devised an offsite contractor onboarding strategy to ensure that all contractors were ready to start work when they entered client’s premises. We provided high-quality training at a designated training facility, preventing bottlenecks and delays during the Turnaround.

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