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Hose Reel

This Hose Reel is made of metal and is used for storing 300psi, 100 ft-1/4” hose.

HR Brochure

United Safety’s reach is global and so are your career opportunities with us. Our vast presence and diverse activities allow us to give you room to grow in the direction you want. Read this brochure to find out why you should join our dynamics team.

HSE OnSite™ Brochure

United Safety HSE OnSite™ services provide the support you need to ensure a successful adoption of your HSE initiatives in the Eastern Hemisphere. Through active guidance and direct interaction, our HSE OnSite™ specialists work to foster meaningful change within your organization.

H2S safety services and a full range of breathing air systems for drilling programs

Provided H2S safety services, training and a full range of breathing air systems to support the client’s drilling programs in South Africa and mitigate risks during drilling operations into high pressure H2S reservoirs and open water exploration in offshore drilling rigs with a high concentration of H2S.

HEMP workshop and Bowtie diagrams

United Safety wrote, administered and developed 16 selected Safe Work Practices with a comprehensive dossier and created a Sharepoint portal to share all information and updates with the client, ensuring better understanding and established new base for SWP.

High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS) Brochure

United Safety’s innovative High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS) are fully customizable and are designed to rise to your worksite challenges. They can be used in a wide variety of installations and offer an effective, convenient, safe and reliable source of breathing air. The result? Less disruptions, increased tool time.

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