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Conducting a root cause analysis of a well control incident

In order to investigate and a well control incident, United Safety facilitated a root cause analysis that determined key causal factors of an incident and recommended corrective actions to prevent it from recurring. We provided a qualified, objective investigation which contributed to improved HSE system.

Development of 16 Safe Work Practices

Develop 16 Safe Work Practices and create a corporate portal site for document sharing and project progress communication

United Safety wrote, administered and developed 16 selected Safe Work Practices with a comprehensive dossier and created a Sharepoint portal to share all information and updates with the client, ensuring better understanding and established new base for SWP.

HEMP workshop and Bowtie diagrams

United Safety wrote, administered and developed 16 selected Safe Work Practices with a comprehensive dossier and created a Sharepoint portal to share all information and updates with the client, ensuring better understanding and established new base for SWP.

Conducting a Well Control Incident Investigation and improving HSE performance.

To help the client understand the root causes of a well control incident and instill the importance of monitoring and improving HSE performance United Safety provided a complete root cause analysis report including recommendations and technical support relating to local and regional HSE procedures.

Maintaining and monitoring EPZ areas while managing sensitive public relations

United Safety helped develop an ERP/EPZ plan and deployed personnel and equipment to monitor an EPZ of 5.8 km, and awareness zone of 11.6 km, while communicating with public about impending drilling activity and safety plan.

Managing cleaning, testing and re-inventory of safety equipment.

In order to plan and manage cleaning, testing and effective re-inventory of safety equipment during a major 60-day maintenance turnaround with over 3500 contractors United Safety provided a mobile QA/QC facility, ensuring interruption-free access to well-maintained safety resources and reducing equipment rentals by 30 percent.

Effective cost control during turnarounds through daily billing and status updates

Client faced a major issue with cost control, back billing, delayed invoicing and inflated equipment rental expenses during past TAs. We provided an Onsite Financial Controller to communicate on a daily basis with client’s financial team, delivering timely billing and cost control.

Conducting Needs Assessment to determine scope of safety services for turnarounds

United Safety conducted a thorough Needs Assessment to establish and gain agreement regarding the scope of safety services, mobilization and delivery plan for a maintenance TA. We completed over 3900 job requests with 1200 pieces of equipment with zero lost equipment.

Ensuring effective and consistent onsite safety leadership

In order to execute a major turnaround of a heavy oil production facility, our client needed effective, experienced onsite leadership, chosen through the Step-Up process to ensure onsite safety and bring out the best in contractors, resulting in one of the most successful Turnarounds in the client’s history.

Establishing an effective offsite contractor onboarding strategy

United Safety devised an offsite contractor onboarding strategy to ensure that all contractors were ready to start work when they entered client’s premises. We provided high-quality training at a designated training facility, preventing bottlenecks and delays during the Turnaround.

Establishing a stringent process of training and selection

When concerns arose over staffing of inexperienced safety personnel as Safety Watch for a turnaround, United Safety devised a stringent process of selection, testing, training and recruitment to pick the best personnel for the job. We achieved a successful candidate selection process, and the client was impressed by the number of experienced safety watch personnel.

Creating an equipment maintenance system with minimum lost tool time.

In order to ensure an efficient system where workers have the safety equipment they require with minimum lost tool time, United Safety created an onsite dispatch team who rig-in safety equipment when required and rig-out the equipment once the job is complete. The result was decreased lost tool time and reduced inventory of safety equipment.

Ensuring safe and on-time operations with the help of certified Emergency Response Personnel.

Due to the unavailability of qualified local personnel to support a facility, United Safety provided high-angle and confined space instructors to locally train an emergency response team, as well as sourcing all specialized rescue kits. This resulted in smooth, safe and effective activities without any delays caused by safety equipment or personnel.

High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS) Brochure

United Safety’s innovative High Pressure Air Systems (HPAS) are fully customizable and are designed to rise to your worksite challenges. They can be used in a wide variety of installations and offer an effective, convenient, safe and reliable source of breathing air. The result? Less disruptions, increased tool time.

Upstream brochure

This brochure gives a clear overview of the various equipment and safety services that United Safety provides to its upstream clients.

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