Service Line: Downstream

Solution: TeQ Shield™ Integrated Safety Technology

Country: Canada

United Safety was called in for this month-long project involving the monitoring of confined space work on the 8 floors of a boiler with a total of 9 manways at a coal power plant in Canada. They implemented a new centralized confined space monitoring solution to compare its performance against traditional confined space monitoring approaches.undertaking in the IOC’s history.


Implementing a new system to monitor confined space work at a coal power station, overcoming its complex environment and labor adaptation.


TeQ Shield™ Guardian was used to monitor confined space work. Detailed orientation and rovers were used to help personnel to adapt to the new system.


TeQ Shield™ Guardian was able to meet all customer and environmental requirements while achieving overall contractor adoption of the new system.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Improved safety and efficiency of confined space monitoring
  • Reduced workforce lost time
  • Customer satisfaction confirmed project success