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Efficient digital mustering and headcount of onsite personnel

This case study looks at how the digital Headcount and Mustering solution is an effective way to shorten mustering time while improving efficiency.

Uninterrupted Supplied Breathing Air Delivery Systems for critical path Turnaround applications

Successfully supported massive high volume of uninterrupted breathing air supply projects at peak Turnarounds in red zone areas across Middle East.


Ensure a consistent source of breathing air supply for the end user and eliminate work interruptions caused by breathing air refi­lling.


Different con­figurations of “­fill-on-the ‑fly” breathing air supply. State-of-the-art air compression for high-volume air. QA/QC and Dispatch System to manage equipment.


Positively impacted productivity and user confi­dence on equipment during peak Turnarounds  in red zone areas.

Solved challenges of operating in sour gas fields with a Vehicle Gas Protection System

See how United Safety developed the Air Qruise™ Trooper to provide protection for personnel working or transiting through potentially toxic environments, and ensure their safe evacuation in the event of a toxic gas release.

Enhanced shutdown safety standards in a Processing Plant in Iraq

Discover how United Safety’s highly qualified personnel deployed innovative breathing air and gas
detection equipment, and extensively trained the local workforce to improve shutdown safety in a plan in Iraq.

Increased efficiency and safety with integrated services for a GTL operator in Qatar

A GTL operator had difficulties managing multiple safety service providers and faced safety equipment availability issues. United Safety acted as sole provider of an array of safety services to help them solve logistical challenges.

Improving confined space safety and turnaround efficiency with technology

United Safety was called in for this month-long project involving the monitoring of confined space work on the 8 floors of a boiler with a total of 9 manways at a coal power plant in Canada. They implemented a new centralized confined space monitoring solution to compare its performance against traditional confined space monitoring approaches.undertaking in the IOC’s history.


Implementing a new system to monitor confined space work at a coal power station, overcoming its complex environment and labor adaptation.


TeQ Shield™ Guardian was used to monitor confined space work. Detailed orientation and rovers were used to help personnel to adapt to the new system.


TeQ Shield™ Guardian was able to meet all customer and environmental requirements while achieving overall contractor adoption of the new system.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Improved safety and efficiency of confined space monitoring
  • Reduced workforce lost time
  • Customer satisfaction confirmed project success

Providing high volume breathing air for a large workforce

United Safety provided high volume breathing air delivery for 60 users over 35 days using a combination of low pressure continuous flow and high pressure breathing air systems.

Breathing Air Delivery Systems for Cold Weather Applications

United Safety supported 10 projects within 4 industrial plants at peak cold weather temperatures in Canada. The challenge was to ensure a consistent source of breathing air supply for the end user and decrease work interruptions caused by breathing air refilling and hoarding/heating during cold weather. We proposed different configurations of “fill on the fly” breathing air supply that does not require hoarding/heating in cold weather, and positively impacted productivity and user confidence on equipment during winter projects.

Gas detection monitoring system for community protection in Saudi Arabia

United Safety implemented a real-time gas detection monitoring system to ensure the protection of a community located near a drilling work site. We proposed the Quazar™, our innovative real-time gas monitoring solution. The community was continuously monitored ensuring prompt emergencies response.

Provided community protection system for the surrounding inhabitants at a rig site in Kurdistan

United Safety provided a community protection system for the surrounding inhabitants at a rig site in Kurdistan, by installing the innovative perimeter and community monitoring system, also known as the Quazar™. This allowed for real-time gas and weather monitoring which was viewable via the Internet.

Established local operations in Abu Dhabi in record time

United Safety had to manage all aspects of setting up operations and infrastructure in less than 3 months in Abu Dhabi. We utilized previous experience of a success-driven global pool of support personnel and achieved a fully-operational entity set up, mobilization of equipment and personnel in time for the project.

Optimal flare stack location and safe burner pit operation through CFD dispersion modeling

In order to ensure personnel and community protection United Safety used appropriate gas dispersion and heat flux models in different release scenarios involving a wide range of weather conditions to identify safe locations and modes of operation for flare stacks and burner pits near two well sites.

QRA for drilling and well testing activities using CFD dispersion modeling

United Safety successfully conducted dispersion modeling that mapped satellite topography data from a 1-arcsecond (750 m2) grid resolution into a QRA that identified the largest risk sources and determined practical solutions to make well operations safer.

Rescue Planning Operations for Vertical Column Work

United Safety developed safe work practices and performed rescue planning operations for vertical column work as part of the turnaround activities in an offshore platform in Angola. We also developed a confined space simulator to ensure all team members were trained in proper entry and rescue procedures.

Blowout Contingency Plan with a tiered Incident Command Structure for a large Carbon sequestration project

United Safety worked with the client, a supplier of integrated project management solutions to produce response plans and operational flowcharts of different scenarios that adhered to industry best practices to address eventualities of a Blowout scenario in a large Carbon sequestration project.

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