Stewardship Report™

The United Safety Difference

The Stewardship Report™ is United Safety’s chance to share our observations on client internal processes & people as well as offer a transparent view of what United Safety does with the money our customers paid for services and equipment. We show our customers where their investment goes!

Continuity of Learnings and Service

While the report does contain suggestions for best practices for the next drilling program, critically United Safety incorporates these learnings into our next Needs Assessment with a client. This ensures that hard won lessons are avoided, as well as successes repeated.

360 Degree Look-Back

This project recap is useful for examining how United Safety personnel and equipment, the contractors involved, as well as client personnel, performed during the program. Captured are what worked well and equally importantly, what didn’t work well. The deliverable is a series of solutions and suggestions that provide a continuity of service from program to program, even from different locations among a single customer.

The Stewardship Report™ generated at the end of a project is part of our internal program designed to measure United Safety’s performance against the agreed to expectations that are set out by our client. In essence this is both a report card of United Safety’s performance and a tool to capture learnings for the next turnaround.

As a company, United Safety is held accountable to the expectations that are laid out by their customers. It has been ingrained within United Safety’s model of business to disclose our performance to our clients to ensure that we are consciously committed to providing innovative solutions to help mitigate inefficiencies onsite. This long term comprehensive strategy for information flow and technology innovation driven by customer feedback has allowed United Safety to become an industry leader on a global scale.

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